Netgear has been credited with providing consumers with some of the best network connection devices. The company has catered to the needs of both individuals and business owners by providing state-of-the-class technology. Every product manufactured by the company passes the highest quality testing before being put on the shelf. Netgear network connection devices consist of network switches, network storage devices as well as wired and wireless routers and modems.
Those new to Netgear products might get confused about how to setup and use any Netgear product. There is no need to worry as the experts at the Netgear router customer care supportare available to help you with any issue affecting the performance of a Netgear product. Netgear products are made to provide the users with a long-lasting performance and quality making. However, unlike every electronic product even Netgear has its dark days where an unknown technical glitch might interfere with the functioning of a Netgear product.…

How to Set Up Wireless Router Netgear

About Netgear :-
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Step 1:  Login to your router via type in address field of your browser

Type : and hit Enter.

Step 2 :  Enter router user Name (admin) and default password (password) to open router’s main page setting.

Step 3 :  when  the router main page open then select the Wireless Setting.

Step 4 :   First, you will see your wireless network name. type your manual name for you to remember. (the default name is NETGEAR)

Step 5 :  select your security methods. Netgear Route…