How to Set Up Wireless Router Netgear

About Netgear :-
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Step 1 :  Login to your router via type in address field of your browser

Type : and hit Enter.     

 Step 2 :  Enter router user Name (admin) and default password (password) to open router’s main page setting.

Step 3 :  when  the router main page open then select the Wireless Setting.

Step 4 :   First, you will see your wireless network name. type your manual name for you to remember. (the default name is NETGEAR)

Step 5 :  select your security methods. Netgear Router recommends WPA-PSK (TKIP) + WPA2-PSK (AES). Then enter a passphrase. You might want to write your passphrase . 

Note : Both your network Name (SSID) and passphrase are case sensitive. Your Network name, Security method and passphrase must be the same on all the wireless devices connected to your router.

 Step 6 :  Click Apply and close your browser. 

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